Of Fire and Stars Book Review

Of Fire and Stars was looked forward to as a great book in the LGBT genre. Lesbian romance in the popular YA genre is not very common. So, it was a big disappointment for me when it didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped. And this is why…

LGBT romance is hard to find, so I was really looking forward to Of Fire and Stars. Find out why you should consider taking it off your to read list.


Beginners Guide to Manga

Many young adult fans have been pulled into the graphic novel genre recently with the release of Marissa Meyer’s Wires and Nerve. Graphic novels and manga have become more popular recently. I have been reading manga since middle school when a friend introduced me. I’ve enjoyed manga a lot, and find that so many people just have no idea where to begin. So, where to begin!

Just finished Wires and Nerve and you're interested in checking out manga. This is the post for you!


The Lovely Reckless Book Review

The Lovely Reckless was a book that I constantly saw on my instagram feed. I never read Beautiful Creatures, but because of how popular The Lovely Reckless seemed to be, I decided to give it a try. If you saw my rating on Goodreads, then you probably have a good idea of what I thought about it. But why you ask? Let me tell you….

An in depth review of The Lovely Reckless. Find out about the love, the characters and more!


The Sun is Also a Star Book Review

So I bought The Sun Is Also a Star on a whim and oh my goodness, best spur of the moment book purchase I’ve made in a long time! I quickly fell in love with Natasha and Daniel and you will too. The Sun is Also a Star is a brilliant book that deserves more hype than it has received.

A fun, in depth review of The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon


February 2017 Owl Crate Review!

I’ve been an Owlcrate subscriber for about six months now and this box was my favorite that they’ve done (so far). The theme for this month is Run Away with the Circus, and while I’m not a huge circus fan, the idea was unique and definitely had lots of appeal. Especially when they specified no clowns. Because ew, clowns…

An in depth review of February 2017 OwlCrate Box Run Away with the Circus


Crown of Midnight Book Review

Finally finished Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass). It had a different feel than Throne of Glass. It was so cool watching Celaena’s delicate dance of assassination and politics. I liked it more than the first one, until a character (who shall be nameless to avoid spoilers) died. All the characters were acting a bit ridiculous but I’ve been told they get a lot better in the next couple books. Overall, I really liked it. Read on to find out why you should read Crown of Midnight.

A review of Crown of Midnight with information on the characters and the love triangle.


Wires and Nerve Book Review

My fantastic husband knew exactly what I wanted for Valentine’s Day! Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer was on my to read list the moment I saw the announcement. Iko was a character that I loved in the original series and I was so excited to see more of her. Reading Wires and Nerve was so fun. I hope the review gets you excited for it too!

A complex review of the graphic novel Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer.


Everland Book Review

Everland by Wendy Spinale has been on my to read list for a while, since one of my friends read it. I’m a sucker for Peter Pan and dystopian fiction so I thought, why not?  Everland was an interesting read and I’m excited to tell you all about it.

A book review on a spin-off of a classic favorite, Peter Pan.