WWW Wednesday May 17th!

WWW Wednesday is a fun meme I found here. I don’t do it every week, but this week I’m struggling to get through some of the books in my stack. I’m hoping that by doing this, it will motivate me to keep reading and get stuff done!


Queens of Geek for Life

If you’re on instagram like me, I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde floating around. It’s been listed on many ‘most anticipate’ and  ‘must have’ lists from both readers and publishers. So, of course I had to pick it up when I was at Barnes and Noble the other day. All I knew about it was that it was supposed to be very diverse and very fangirl. I read it in less than three hours. It’s not a long book, but still. That’s quick. I loved it! And here’s why!

My most recent book purchase!


Anime Oasis Planning 2017

Hey friends, I’ve been posting a ton of bookish content so I figured I’d mix it up with something a bit different. The anime convention Anime Oasis is coming up at the end of the month! It’s located in Boise, so it’s a bit out of my way, but still one of the closest conventions. You can find out more about Anime Oasis here.


Queen of Shadows has redeemed Throne of Glass!

Okay friends, this review is going to be full of spoilers! So, if you’re not planning on reading it ever (you heathen) read on, if you’ve already read the book, read on. If you’re thinking about starting Throne of Glass, do it! Simply so you can get to this book. But wait to read this until after you finish Queen of Shadows.

It's next on my to-read list! Check out my blog for fun bookish posts and reviews.


Mailbox Monday May 1st

Hey friends! I don’t usually do Mailbox Monday because I don’t buy a ton of books, BUT I am a huge library fan, so I might start doing a library day update when I go. But anyway, Saturday was Indie Bookstore day and I did a Bookstore crawl with some friends. I figured today was a good day to do it! Originally, Mailbox Monday is found here. I found it on The Book Filled Day! Without further ado, here is all the awesome stuff I got!


Goodbye Days – Another Fantastic Heartbreak

After reading The Serpent King, I knew that I would definitely be following Jeff Zentner’s work. So as soon as I could, I picked up Goodbye Days. I’m not a huge fan of contemporary, but Zentner’s characters have a way of burrowing into your heart immediately and leaving you aching when it’s over. So, if they’re that painful, why should you read them? Read on and I’ll tell you why!

Goodbye Days Review by me! Why you should read this!


Daughter of the Pirate King Review

Daughter of the Pirate King is a book that’s sat on my to-read stack for a few months since I got it in my OwlCrate. I hadn’t heard much about it, and though I looked forward to it, it somehow never made it to the top of my list. But after finishing Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas I had to read a few short books before I jump into Queen of Shadows. Before finishing Daughter of a Pirate King and Goodbye Days (By Jeff Zentner) I was four behind. So, this seemed like a quick way to help make up the gap. Without further ado, here’s my Daughter of the Pirate King review!

What I thought about Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller!


Traitor to the Throne Review

Here is my Traitor to the Throne review! I had to wait a little while to write my review for this until I had calmed down a little inside. This book has a ton of feels, so prepare yourself! Amani is back and she is trying to kick some ass. Unfortunately, someone is making that difficult. So, why should you read this book? Read on and I will tell you!

My Traitor to the Throne Review! Why you should read it!