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Beginners Guide to Manga

Many young adult fans have been pulled into the graphic novel genre recently with the release of Marissa Meyer’s Wires and Nerve. Graphic novels and manga have become more popular recently. I have been reading manga since middle school when a friend introduced me. I’ve enjoyed manga a lot, and find that so many people just have no idea where to begin. So, where to begin!

Just finished Wires and Nerve and you're interested in checking out manga. This is the post for you!


February 2017 Owl Crate Review!

I’ve been an Owlcrate subscriber for about six months now and this box was my favorite that they’ve done (so far). The theme for this month is Run Away with the Circus, and while I’m not a huge circus fan, the idea was unique and definitely had lots of appeal. Especially when they specified no clowns. Because ew, clowns…

An in depth review of February 2017 OwlCrate Box Run Away with the Circus