Sorry I’ve been MIA the past little bit. Life has gotten crazy at my house. There’s the matter of the newest member of our family, but first an update on reading. I’ve got a job ghostwriting a book that’s eaten up all my writing time and a lot of my reading time.

On the upside, I did manage to get through A Court of Thorns and Roses recently so I’ll be posting a review of that soon. (Hopefully, cross your fingers!) I’m currently working on A Court of Mist and Fury but don’t get your hopes up, it’s sitting on my nightstand with a bookmark and has been for a week.

But what you all really want to see…


The other day Chris finally said the words I’ve been waiting to hear for months. He said our house was too quiet and I asked if he was ready to have a kid. He said hell no, and I completely agree. We’re both not ready for that yet… I swear we’re both 19 year-olds still…

So I was like, does this mean you want another cat? And he said, yeah!! Of course I knew someone who had access to kittens. Conveniently they were eight weeks old last Tuesday. We went to get to know them and of course we came home with one…

Freddie Mercury

Baby Freddie, the newest member of our family! Newest lil member of our family, Freddie Mercury.

IS HE NOT THE MOST PRECIOUS THING???? I’m totally biased, but we’ve only had him a week and he’s already scratched up both Chris and I, so for me to still find him adorable is pretty impressive.

He and Bowie have been doing good. It only took them a day to be okay together and Bowie didn’t hiss at Freddie once! How amazing is that?? (Very amazing for you non-cat people.) Freddie only hissed at Bowie once that first day so I’m a very happy cat mom. And yes, his full name is Freddie Mercury, because that’s how we roll. Also, Freddie Mercury had an orange cat, did you know? Also, Freddie Mercury loved cats, so if you care, here’s a fun article about it.

Here’s more pictures because cute!

Derpy lil boy's

He’s such a cute little derp.

Finally decided they like each other enough to snuggle.

They were both very angry that I woke them up. But hey, not my fault your hearing is amazing, all I did was walk in the room. -_-

Anyway, I’m working on hard on my current project so I can come back to you all! If you have any book recommendations for my upcoming freedom, let me know in the comments!