Anna Kendrick has been an actress I heartily enjoy watching ever since seeing her in Pitch Perfect. I saw her autobiography, Scrappy Little Nobody, on display at the library and had to snag it. It’s a quick read, so it’s one that you’ll get through in no time!

Scrappy Little Nobody - My review!

Reading a biography or autobiography always gives you more information about someone, whether it’s where they lived, their family, or their dreams. Scrappy Little Nobody did not disappoint. Anna Kendrick told her story in a mix of chronology and theme. This made it easy to follow things like where she was living, her films, and her love life.


Finding out more about Anna Kendrick’s childhood was just so fun. Certain aspects of it were so relatable, like her relationship with her brother. Other things, like her child acting, was completely unlike my own childhood, so it was so interesting reading about it. I can’t imagine being set loose in New York with just my brother. Obviously I’m from small town Utah, so it’s a big deal to me. Compared to someone who’s grown up in the big city who probably assumes it’s no big deal. But it was so interesting to read about! Her experiences in theater and indie films at such a young age was just so intriguing.


I thought I’d seen a fair amount of Anna Kendrick’s movies.
I’ve seen her early ones like Twilight and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

I’m an avid Pitch Perfect fan!

And of course, who could forget Into the Woods.

But it was so interesting hearing about her indie films and what was going on during the filming of some of these movies. She included such unique details. This is always one of my favorite parts of reading actress/actor bio’s. Did not disappoint!

LA: Love and Crappy Apartments-

I’m a starving artist at heart so, of course, this was one of my favorite parts of the book. Reading about Anna Kendrick living in crappy apartments, making friends, and failing at love helped her feel so real. When she talked about loving a guy who didn’t really love her and discovering the whole ‘He’s just not that into you’ it was sad, but I kept thinking, I get that! Most girls get that! Even gorgeous, silly, Anna Kendrick has guys who aren’t into her! “She’s like me!” is what your poor little heart cries. I think the best part was watching her date better and better guys.


If you, like me, are looking to branch out of YA but need to be entertained (cuz face it, we all do) this is a great choice. The writing style is fun and the book is paced well. A great insight into such a fun actress! Now excuse me while I go rent every Anna Kendrick movie I can.

Have you read Scrappy Little Nobody? What did you think??