Hey friends, I’ve been posting a ton of bookish content so I figured I’d mix it up with something a bit different. The anime convention Anime Oasis is coming up at the end of the month! It’s located in Boise, so it’s a bit out of my way, but still one of the closest conventions. You can find out more about Anime Oasis here.


So, my hubby and I are planning to cosplay Tohru Honda and Kyo Sohma from the popular manga/anime Fruits Basket. They are one of my favorite anime couples of all time. We haven’t cosplayed them yet mainly because of the hair. Wigs are such a pain, but this year we finally caved. I really like this anime period because there is a LOT of character development. It’s a great length too. The Kyo and Tohru who meet in the beginning are definitely not the Kyo and Tohru who end up together. Kyo especially matures a lot having Tohru in his life. All the characters do really. Tohru is just so adorable!

At the moment, I still need a wig and some socks. There’s a wig that I’ve got my eye on in a cosplay exchange group, but the girl hasn’t messaged me back yet! UGH!

Chris has everything except a shirt, so we’re going shopping later today. It should be easy to find a black v-neck t-shirt, right? Here’s hoping…

Friends Cosplay!

Anyway, we have two friends going with us. One is going as slenderman and the other is going as Blue Snow from the anime Shimoneta. Shimoneta is definitely an anime that I don’t usually recommend, but it is hilarious. In a world where dirty jokes are outlawed, Blue Snow is a terrorist trying to bring back free speech, but basically dirty jokes. It can be really funny or offensive depending on who’s watching it. There isn’t a lot of actual nudity though, surprisingly, but it’s still very mature.


I’m so excited for this! I’ll be sure to post lots on Instagram (@domesticfangirl). I will also be writing a blog post when I get back! It’s not until May 26th, but I’ll be sure to post pictures of our cosplay’s once they are finished!