Okay friends, this review is going to be full of spoilers! So, if you’re not planning on reading it ever (you heathen) read on, if you’ve already read the book, read on. If you’re thinking about starting Throne of Glass, do it! Simply so you can get to this book. But wait to read this until after you finish Queen of Shadows.

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Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

When reading Throne of Glass books, I tend to meander through the first two thirds, then the last third (or last quarter) of the book is jam packed with crazy stuff and your mind is completely blown away! Queen of Shadows had this, but not nearly as bad as the earlier ones. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the entire thing. Through the earlier ones I was impatient for the action to get starter to the point I wanted to start skimming. That was not a problem with Queen of Shadows, at least not for me.


I’m only going to go over the newer characters because time/space.


Damn, I was not expecting her to become such a major player in the story. I especially loved learning that she was a shapeshifter. That catharsis between Aelin and Lysandra was a very tender thing that they both needed. Both of them have a lot of trauma behind them and I liked that Aelin gave her a chance. I LOVE that Aelin lets Lysandra kill Arobynn. Aelin is so brutal but I appreciated her seeing through her own pain to allow Lysandra, who had also experienced horrific things, to be the one to get her revenge. And dang, Lysandra’s acting is fantastic. Arobynn needed to die, and I appreciated how Aelin worked it all so it would end in their favor. But back to Lysandra, after Nehemia died, Aelin has needed a strong female allie and she definitely got one in Lysandra. If I was a betting woman, I’d say she ends up with Aedion. I really hope she does, because he needs someone just as strong as him. Someone who isn’t afraid to tease/sass him. I’m really hoping we see more of that in Empire of Storms.


I know she was in the last book too, but I came to love her so much in this book. In the last book you got hints she was changing for the better, but this book showed her character development excellently. Her interactions with Dorian, Elide, her grandmother, and her 13 were particularly revealing. I’d bet money that she ends up with Dorian or at least has a fling with him.


Elide was a very minor character until the end when she got her hands on something very important. I’m so excited to see more of her in the next book. I want her to become a bigger character so bad! Another thing I also liked that she is not only a cripple who can’t read, but she’s so devious. I feel like we’re going to see more of her skills in the next one. Against mortals, I feel like her skills are really going to shine.


I’m going to talk about him a lil bit because we really got to know him in this book. The part where he finds out about Aelin and Rowan’s blood oath was so emotional for me. I was laughing really hard but I felt so bad for him. It was so important to him and poor Aelin didn’t know how to tell him. I’m so glad he got over that quickly though. It told the reader a lot about his character, and I appreciated that. Also, like I said earlier, I hope he ends up with Lysandra. He needs her sass in his life.


I was so confused as to why everyone shipped Rowen and Aelin until now. I was all about forgiving Chaol, but this book has me converted! Rowen and Aelin are so perfect together! Not that they get along perfectly or anything, but they just fit. They get each other and the romantic tension is so hot! I love how they verbally spar and tease each other. Especially when Aelin gets into bed without bottoms just to tease him.

Nesryn Faliq-

UGH, badass female characters make me so happy! Especially knowing that book six is going to be all about Choal, we better see lots of Nesryn! I thought her backstory was cool. She kept popping up at convenient times, thank goodness. She’s proven herself to be a very valuable member of the team and she and Choal better end up together, or imma be so mad!


This book was definitely one of the better ones. The action was paced better. There was also a lot of resolving old subplots and starting new ones. In particular killing the King and Arobynn was so nice. Revealing the ultimate bad guy and removing those two from the plot really helped clear the playing field for the next book. It’s refreshing to not be focused on the king especially. Dorian being king will allow a completely new type of society (along with all the problems) to appear. I am so excited for the next book. But knowing that the next one is forever away makes it hard to want to read the next one because then the waiting begins! UGH!


The book was amazing! 5 out of 5! If her other books are more like this, I will definitely be a fan for life. What did you think of Queen of Shadows? Let me know in the comments! Haven’t read it yet? Please do!!! Think the story isn’t worthy of the hype? Let me know why in the comments! Let’s chat!