Here is my Traitor to the Throne review! I had to wait a little while to write my review for this until I had calmed down a little inside. This book has a ton of feels, so prepare yourself! Amani is back and she is trying to kick some ass. Unfortunately, someone is making that difficult. So, why should you read this book? Read on and I will tell you!

My Traitor to the Throne Review! Why you should read it!

Amani is trapped in the Sultan’s palace for the majority of this book and you get to go deeper in her head and into politics. You’ll meet new characters, some that you’ll love and some that you’ll hate…


Amani and Jin – They are one of my favorite couples of all time. The characters are unique and flawed, but still completely lovable. There is plenty of romance between the two of them. The romantic tension at points makes you squeal. I love how realistic they are together. They may be madly in love, but they irritate each other sometimes, and sometimes they’re all over each other at the absolute wrong time. But it makes them real, it makes you love them.

I found this mood board on instagram for them and I love it!! Check out @whatsarahread


Another of my favorite characters is Shazad. She is so badass, but you’d never know just looking at her. I loved getting to know her better in the book. She has such an interesting back story and I really want her to be happy. Hopefully, with the new guy who was introduced in this book… (No name so no spoiler.) I found this on Instagram and it totally made me happy inside, because it describes her so well! Taken from @jules_agr on Instagram. Go check out her pictures, so much bookish goodness!


The plot moves a bit slow at first, but it is building. I didn’t realize until later in the book how much information the first half held. Each character that you meet is very important. You lose a lot of people in this book. It broke my heart there at the end. But you get to know the characters so well in this.

This is a tough book because Amani has some series struggles. She doesn’t have access to her power for most of the story, and that is so terrifying for her and the reader. But it was also nice, because it really emphasised her human side and kept her relatable. She has her fears and doubts, but fights on. I adored it!

For any concerned parents or sensitive readers out there – no sex, but heavy romance, lots of violence in the last third but it’s not gorey.

Have you read it yet? Let me know what you thought! Want to talk about that ending with me? (I didn’t want to talk about it in my post because major spoilers,) so email me and let’s talk about it!

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    • Definitely! But the next one (and last one, i think?) doesn’t come out until next year, so if you like reading them all at once, you’ve got a good reason to put it off. But they are amazing! They do not get enough credit.

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