This is a weekly meme that I recently found over on The Book-Filled Day. It’s originally from The Broke and the Bookish.

It looked like fun! So today the topic is Top Ten Things that make me instantly want to read a book. I don’t have a full 10 so I’m just going to do 5.

Fairy Tale Retelling

The Lunar Chronicles, need I say more? Haha, I will. I don’t like Alice in Wonderland retellings, but most others will make me pick up a book. I’m so glad it’s become such a popular style to write now, because it’s so fun finding more fun retellings. Side note, the Rogers and Hammerstein version of Cinderella is my favorite, with Ever After a close second, and A Cinderella Story a close third.


Cuz every action, mystery, or whatever genre you’re reading can be improved with romance… But really, an element of romance really helps me invest in the characters. Especially when it’s realistic. Don’t make it erotica, but make me pause in reading to sigh dramatically over how cute it is!

A Twist on a Classic

Similar to Fairy Tale Retellings, I love twists on a classic genre. Like The Selection. It’s The Bachelor meets dystopia. It makes for a unique, intriguing story. Or Rebel in the Sand. It’s a western, but also Arabian Nights. Books like that!

Mermaids/Unique Mythical Creatures

I’m a huge fan of mermaid stories. But I rarely find ones I like… I’m on an eternal quest for a mermaid book to fall in love with. So if you have a recomendation, please comment! I am constantly reading mermaid books and being disappointed. Help!

Recommendation from my friend (on instagram)

Whitney is one of my reading buddies and I love her recommendations. I think there’s only been one book ever that’s she’s recommended that I didn’t love. So I try and keep an eye on what she’s read and liked because I definitely need to read it next.


So, if you have a comment or a recomendation for me, please comment below! If you decided to do this meme, please tag my blog post as well as The Broke and Bookish!