A few months ago, my friend and I were looking up author events at a (somewhat) local bookstore. She was so excited when she found out Jeff Zentner was coming and I had no idea who he was. (I’m so ashamed!) She told me about The Serpent King and HIGHLY recommended it. I looked it up but my library didn’t have it. So, I put it off, until last week I had a moment of panic when she reminded me about the event. The library still didn’t have it, so I just gave in and ordered it. But of course, I didn’t start reading it until Sunday afternoon and the event was Monday night. Good job, me… But it was amazing! I’ll have a review up later this week, but definitely a 5 out of 5! So off we went to Jeff Zentner’s book signing!

The Place-

The event was held at The King’s English bookshop. I’d never been there before. All of their previous events I have attended have been at bigger locations like high schools and libraries. It was so quaint! It’s an old house that’s been reimagined into a bookstore, so there are tons of little rooms. It was fun to just wander around. If you live near Salt Lake City, Utah, I highly recommend you check them out. Plus they’ve got a lot of book merch, which is very important to me! They have a tote bag that’s got a cat curled around a book labeled a Tale of Two Kitties that I think I need to go back and buy….

The Event-

We were early, so we were in the second row. It was fun to listen to Jeff Zentner talk about his writing process. He wrote his first book in less than a month! And most of it he wrote on his iphone on the bus and on his lunch break! We also learned that during the day, he’s a lawyer. That was so random, but it made sense thinking about his first book. Also, he lives in Tennessee and his son’s name is Tennessee, which I found amusing… After he answered some questions, there was the signing, of course. That’s always a stressful experience for me, because I never know quite what to say other than gush about their book. He was sweet and took a picture with us. We also got bookmarks from him as well.

The Food-

The cutest thing was that he tweeted earlier about making banana pudding for the event and we got to have some. I really enjoy authors connecting with their readers and it was just so fun! They also had brownies and diet 7-Up so when you read The Serpent King, look for the reference to diet 7-Up.
Overall, super fun night! I’m going to another book signing tomorrow, also at The King’s English for Alwyn Hamilton and a few other authors. Should be lots of fun! I’ll post details on Thursday!