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Everyone has one.The loved and hated to-read piles. Whether it’s in your brain, on a piece of paper (or hundreds in your bag, on your desk, and nightstand), on Goodreads, or a physical stack next to your bed, we all have one.

All book lovers share some problems, and one of the biggest annoyance of all is To-Read Piles! They never get any smaller! Ever!

  1. There always seems to be that one (or two or five) that keep getting pushed back to the bottom.

    It’s really bad if it’s a library book. It comes due so you bring it back to the top and somehow it ends up back at the library, back on hold for you, or overdue. For me it’s books that I get in book boxes that I’m not excited about. I got Roseblood by A, G. Howard a few months ago in an OwlCrate and it still has not moved from the bottom of my stack. I feel obligated to read it, because I own it, but it’s not a book I would’ve picked out for myself. It could be amazing, but for some reason every other book on my list looks better.

  2. When you go buy a book, get one in the mail, or pick it up from the library it looks better than the stack that’s been sitting there. Something about a fresh book is always better, even if you logically know that you like the second Throne of Glass book and Assassin’s Blade is supposed to be amazing, why do you keep putting it off? Stupid….

  3. The awkward ones that belong to other people. These seem to stick to the top of the pile because you know you’ve got to read them and give them back. But maybe what they raved about doesn’t look so good to you. Or it’s got a lot of bad reviews and you don’t want to waste your time. But you can’t give them back before you read them because they’ll ask you what you thought and just awkward…

  4. The thick books always taking so long! I put off reading The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer because it was so big. I already wasn’t sure about it, but the length was enough for me to put off reading it until it came due at the library. I’m having a similar problem with A Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon even though I loved the first one!

  5. Books that look good, but not great. The forever struggle! It looked good enough to buy it or check it out, but not enough to read next. Like you want it there in case one day you run out of stuff to read, but that day has yet to happen. (And seriously, who are you kidding, it likely never will.)

  6. The pile never gets smaller, EVER! It’s like you never read! You finish books all the time! You just took a bunch back to the library and yet, it’s even taller than it was yesterday? What the heck??

    These are my biggest struggles with my to-read pile! Tell me of your struggles with your to-read piles in the comments!!

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