So I bought The Sun Is Also a Star on a whim and oh my goodness, best spur of the moment book purchase I’ve made in a long time! I quickly fell in love with Natasha and Daniel and you will too. The Sun is Also a Star is a brilliant book that deserves more hype than it has received.

A fun, in depth review of The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon



I love Natasha! She’s a unique heroine as she’s interested in science but not a complete failure socially. Natasha is Jamaican American and very attractive according to Daniel. She’s realistic and extremely intelligent. I loved watching her drop her defenses as the story goes on. She’s so stylish too. And her taste in music? Fantastic! Everytime Yoon mentioned another song or band she listened to I smiled. She’s such a science geek, but still loves Nirvana. So great!


Daniel is such a sweetie. Definitely my newest book crush. He’s Korean American and has a gorgeous butt if you believe Natasha. But more than that, he’s such a good person. He gets upset, but not isn’t angsty. He’s a poet and has some great lines, but it’s not irritating. He carries around a writing notebook and as a writer that makes me sooo happy. UGH, just read it okay and fangirl with me.

Natasha’s Parents-

Natasha’s parents are so real. Her mom is trying so hard to support their family and take care of them. Her dad is so frustrating. He’s an actor and you can feel how much emotion Natasha has tied up in her relationship with him. I loved going through the book and reading a few chapters from his POV. It made understanding his relationship with his family, especially Natasha, much easier.

Daniel’s Parents-

Again, I found Daniel’s parents to be so realistic. As part of an older generation and one that is more Korean than American, they really struggle. There is a part where his Dad comes across as extremely racist, while he’s only trying to be helpful. Seeing his POV helped me understand what he was thinking and why he pushed Daniel towards being a doctor. Daniel’s Mom was so cute. I loved learning more about her, especially comparing her artistic talents to Daniel.


He’s awful. I totally hate him, but he made for a great antagonistic character. It made me laugh when Yoon clues you into his future. Charlie made a good foil for Daniel.

Plot & Writing Style:

98% of the book takes place in one day. About halfway through I wondered if Nicola Yoon was really doing that. But I didn’t mind it. I actually really enjoyed going so in depth on one emotional day. Yoon made sure every chapter was valuable. I loved having all the chapters from random characters POV. I loved reading about not only their parents, but strangers they met on the street. The short chapters about science and love were so relevant to the story. I enjoyed every single one and I also really liked the ending. I was so glad when it wasn’t a traditional happy ending, but it still ended happily. (No spoilers here, but send me a message if you want to talk about it.) I fell in love with Nicola Yoon’s writing style and I am so excited to read her other book.

Political Standpoint:

I’m not going to get political but this book addressed such issues as racism, immigration, and even character descriptions in an honest but enjoyable manner. I was worried the book was just there to make a political statement but it’s woven in so seamlessly. This is how people should write! Characters are described honestly, and not in ways that make you cringe. Both their parents are kind of racist and it was so refreshing to see it incorporated only as much as was natural for the story.


This is such a unique love story. I was totally in love with Daniel just a few pages in. I love their interaction. Natasha’s doubt mirror’s the audience and Daniel slowly chips it away with his honesty and kindness. The things they did together were so cute. Even though the book is written over a short period of time, their relationship still developed naturally. It just happened a bit quicker than normal. I appreciated the ending in that score. I’m not sure I would’ve liked the love story, if it had a traditional ending.


Solid 7 out of 5. But seriously, I ate through it quickly, the writing is fantastic, and the characters are relatable, even if you don’t think they should be. Racism and immigration are addressed in ways that anyone can understand. This would be a great book for high schoolers, especially in this current political climate. I loved it!! Find it at your library, buy it here, just find it and read it!

Have you read it? Tell me what you thought of it in the comments.

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