Finally finished Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass). It had a different feel than Throne of Glass. It was so cool watching Celaena’s delicate dance of assassination and politics. I liked it more than the first one, until a character (who shall be nameless to avoid spoilers) died. All the characters were acting a bit ridiculous but I’ve been told they get a lot better in the next couple books. Overall, I really liked it. Read on to find out why you should read Crown of Midnight.

A review of Crown of Midnight with information on the characters and the love triangle.



Celaena is still wild and passionate, but cold and calculating. She’s becoming more consistent than she was in the first book, but I’m hoping she improves even more. After the dramatic character death she goes kind of crazy. Her extreme anger at Chaol is kind of infuriating. I understood her pain, but it just bothered me that she took it out on Chaol.  What you discover about her at the end of the book was so predictable. There was too much foreshadowing of it, in my opinion. I would’ve liked having to work for it a little more. As a character though, I’m liking her more and more.


He’s much less angsty than he was in the first book. I really like the direction his character is moving. He still feels too young to be Captain of the Guard though. I love his relationship with Celaena at the beginning of the book. It’s so wild and passionate. Made me happy. I am curious to see where his character is going to go in the future. He’s still my ship for Celaena.


Dorian is still struggling to ‘find himself’. His magic is super interesting though. That’s the most intriguing part of his character so far, honestly. The lack of womanizing in this book seems to discredit what we learned about his character in the first book. In the first book he was arrogant and kind of irritating. In this one he’s done a complete 180 and is now sweet but stuck in his head. Not that you can blame him, he’s dealing with something scary, but just different.


Just one comment, SO MANY SECRETS! It never stops! Just when you think you know exactly what is going on with her, something new comes out.

The King-

What a great villain! I love how he gets scarier and scarier the more you learn about him. In the first book he was just a bad guy with a lot of power. When you figure out how much power he potentially has at the end of Crown of Midnight, he becomes pretty terrifying. I have a feeling he’s only going to get scarier as we figure out what he can do.


The plot in this one moved at a decent pace. It was very different from the first one, but I liked that. It was cool seeing Celaena use her skills as an assassin in a different way. There are lots of different types of action sequences in this one. The story has grown from being about the characters to the fate of a nation, which is great. Raising the stakes makes me even more excited to read the next one.


Chaol and Celaena… Dorian and Celaena…. Team Chaolena? Is that what I am? I don’t know, but I’m definitely not team Doraena. At this point I like that she’s not with either of them. She needs to figure out some things and I think she will in the next one. I feel like the love story has a lot of potential, but you don’t see much of it past the middle of the book. I’m excited to see what happens in regards to the love triangle.


Overall, I kept thinking it was decently good, but I ate up the last fifty pages. Sarah Maas is so good at getting you to read the next book. The end leaves you at such a cliffhanger that makes you NEED the next one. I feel like the story was better than the first one, and the next one is going to be even better I’m sure! Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!