My fantastic husband knew exactly what I wanted for Valentine’s Day! Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer was on my to read list the moment I saw the announcement. Iko was a character that I loved in the original series and I was so excited to see more of her. Reading Wires and Nerve was so fun. I hope the review gets you excited for it too!

A complex review of the graphic novel Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer.


The Original Team

All the original team is back! You don’t see much of Scarlet, Wolf, and Kai. Everyone else gets some screen time. You get to see a lot of Cinder/Selene as she’s the one calling the shots. I was so glad to see so much of Thorne and Cress. Cress was my favorite book, so finally seeing the two of them together, traveling the world was fantastic. I thought it was very realistic that Cress kept getting sick, due to her lack of immunity. That made so much sense. I loved seeing everyone.


I loved getting to know Iko more. She was so consistent as a good side character through the entire series so letting her star in her own book was long overdue. Her longing for a human life makes her such a deep character. Watching her face prejudice and fight to overcome it was so inspiring. I loved the real issues that Marrisa addresses using Iko.


Though a minor character in this one, I feel like he’s going to be more important in the next one. I’m not a fan of him yet. I feel like he’s kind of a jerk, but he does have a soft heart. Hopefully, his prejudice and bad attitude fade away as he gets to know Iko. I’m eager to see his growth in the next book.


I thought the plot was a great carry over from the series. It was by no means a stretch, and the problem was definitely anticipated. It’s such a political novel without feeling preachy. You see Iko and her growth, as well as Cinder/Selene’s desire to make her government as just as she can. The pacing was good and I’m excited to see where it goes in the next one.


You can tell that Iko and Liam are going to have at least something. There wasn’t much of it in here, but that didn’t bother me at all. A slow development is much more realistic.

Seeing Cress and Thorne together was so adorable! They’re so dang cute and I loved seeing more of them!


It was a fantastic book! Fans of The Lunar Chronicles are going to love it! It lets you see what your favorite characters are up to. Plus, you get to know the political side of things that I was left curious about at the end of Winter.

Check it out, Wires and Nerve does not disappoint!