So, being married I do celebrate Valentine’s Day somewhat religiously. I love Chris, A LOT! *cue groans* And there are lots of places that talk about Gal-entine’s Day so I’m not going to go there. I will however give you, my dear friends, some ideas for a more geeky/nerdy Valentine’s day. This is for those of you who aren’t wanting the fancy dinner at the crowded, overpriced restaurant.

6 fun ideas to help you have a fun Valentine's Day without the cheese.

#1- Throwback

What is your go to geek show to watch together? Did you guys watch Firefly together while you were dating? Did you discover Arrow together? Pull that show out, buy a pizza or chinese food, and reminisce. Pull out some candles and a big snuggly blanket to make it more romantic. Plus you can make out and not worry about missing something important. Or you can even…

#2- Marathon!

Haven’t watched A Series of Unfortunate Events yet? (Maybe not the best example as it is not very romantic….) Or you both are die hard Star Wars fans? Have a mini-marathon. Whether you’ve seen it before or not, it can be fun to decorate the house and make some themely food. Try decorating in your Hogwarts house colors, make some Butterbeer, and watch your favorite Harry Potter movies. Recipes for most shows can easily be found with a search on Pinterest. You could even make a fort and watch while inside it. Make it different than your day-to-day.

#3-Gamer Boy

Has your SO wanted to teach you how to play Destiny forever? Or Legend of Zelda? Maybe make Valentine’s Day a little easier on your man this year and try something that he likes. Yeah, I suck at first person shooters. Like seriously, I’m dead. Respawn, take three steps, hey look, I’m dead again. But putting in the effort will get you some major points. Maybe go retro and play something like Mario Kart, or Supersmash Bro’s.  Or even more retro- get your hands on a NES or a Nintendo 64 and have a fighting chance on Super Mario, Mario Kart 64, or GoldenEye 007. Or even pull out Tony Hawk, whatever you think would be fun. Also, takeout, because who wants to pay the money and fight the crowds.

#4- Geeky Valentine’s Cards

I used to be really big into printable Valentines, which can be really fun. Now I just draw a heart and write a dirty pun and Chris seems to find that pretty funny so that’s what I’m doing this year. Previously though, I used the Dating Diva’s man approved Valentines. They have two different sets that both contain some pretty bad puns, but they’re pretty cute. You can grab them here and here. You can also find a ton of cute cards etsy.

#5- Animals!

Places like the aquarium, or the zoo can bring out that inner child that wanted to be a marine biologist, or a vet. Plus what screams like buying your SO something ridiculous overpriced from the gift shop. (I’d rather spend $20 on that stuffed penguin where your money is going to a zoo, rather than a 15 foot bear from Walmart. Where do you even put that??) It’s also a good day to check out your local animal shelter. If you’ve been considering getting a pet, what better time to go get one? If your partner loves surprises maybe bring it home, but it can be just as fun to go pick one out together. What’s more romantic than taking home a kitten or a puppy to snuggle with?

(Mandatory disclaimer- Don’t get your SO a puppy or kitten if their apartment doesn’t allow pets. Heck, unless you are 100% certain that they want and need a specifical animal, ask first. It won’t kill the mood if you go together. Better that than to have them awkwardly return it the day after…)

#6- Bookstore

Nothing is more romantic than the smell of coffee and paper. Well, that’s debatable, but still. Browse and find books that you think the other person would like. Grab some hot chocolate or some coffee. Find your favorite books and read quotes to each other. Whisper lines from the ridiculous romance novels and try not to laugh. Leave notes in your favorite books to future readers. Buy a book or two and go home and read to each other. Bonus points if it’s a local bookstore.


Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day! I won’t tell you what I’m doing because Chris reads this and I don’t want to spoil it. But make sure it’s fun! Have more ideas for nerdy Valentine’s day? Post them in the comments!

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